Beautiful Weddings in Galena at the Galena Wedding Chapel

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Beautiful Weddings at the Galena Wedding Chapel
at Bernadine’s Stillman Inn

chapel 2

We have enjoyed the most amazing wedding couples here at the Galena Wedding Chapel.  This couple are sharing their first dance just after making their vows.  Just precious!

_DSC1993 (1)

All of our wedding couples have a chance to review their vows, take things out, add things in to include their own personalized vows.  We are thrilled to accommodate your special needs to make your day just perfect!


Our favorite thing to photograph, next to the Bride of course, are the adorable children.  Some are happy and content with the event – others, not so much!  But they are ALL so cute!

ring bearer

_DSC8632 (1)

Indoor or Outdoor – it’s going to be a great time!

We keep the Wedding Chapel open for outdoor weddings in case the weather doesn’t hold out – so, no problems here!

Call today to set up your perfect day!

You can arrange all the details yourself or we can help!

Sixteen years of experience of helping people make their special day just Perfect!

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