Easter Sunday we saw Pastor Bill’s Barn Bible

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Easter Sunday we saw Pastor Bill’s Barn Bible


Barn Bible



The general rule in customer service is you are never supposed to talk about three things:





It used to be just politics and religion but recently there have been some heated discussions at our breakfast table concerning the “right to arms” so I have added that to the list.


Since we just celebrated Easter yesterday I am going to take the liberty to mention that yes, we are Christians and yes, we enjoy Church….so that I can share with you this interesting story.  

Many of you will like it.  


Our Pastor Bill has an interesting Faith story.  He was in the Army on a  tour in Iraq. When he got on the plane to come home at the end of the tour he and his team members were sent on an extended tour, a second tour.  He lost a good friend during this time and gave up believing there was a God.


He comes home, gets in a car accident and ends up in the hospital.  A friend went to visit him and brought him a Bible.  Some time after he started helping another friend out who runs a farm.  When he would go to work in the barn his friend would challenge him to learn a Bible verse with him each day.  This became the “Barn Bible”.  


It is kept in a paper bag because of the smell but isn’t it amazing!  Well worn and more beautiful than any Bible I have ever seen as it is part of what led Bill to be our Pastor and he is an amazing man of God.


Thank you to everyone who led him to where he is today!


As long as we are on the topic – Faith that is

We were also privleged to have seen a replica of the Shroud of Turen at a local Church here in Galena,

St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Pastor Fred Baltz.

What an excellent presentation.  I’ve never needed to know much about the shroud for my Faith journey but was I glad I saw and heard about it.


If you are in town next Easter be sure to check it out!


Shroud of Turen



Now on a more secular note: If that offended anyone here is the other side of yesterday,

Sunday 4/20/14


We took our beautiful granddaughter to the park and played with her!  

Beautiful weather and there are green things popping up out of the ground!

Hope you had a great Sunday!

Here is Miss Lili with Oreo!


Lili Oreo



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