Great Time at the Dubuque IA 2014 Vintage Torquefest

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The Vintage Torquefest in Dubuque had something for everyone!


dave truck


I have to admit right here and right now that I was not interested at all in going to this car show.  I could have been having some “me” time, quilting, painting, sitting and staring at the walls or any other number of fun things.  However, I adore my husband and I wanted to share this experience with him.  After all, he would go to a quilt show with me in a minute if I asked.  So, here we were.  It was a cool windy day and I brought a book and some knitting just in case I found a comfy spot to sit and enjoy some quiet time.


car model


Much to my surprise I was immediately taken in by the huge variety of vehicles.  Even more interesting were the outfits people had on.  Many of them dressed in the 50’s.  But….a little bit grungier perhaps. And don’t take that the wrong way.  I tend to like “grunge” painting and scrapbooking pages.  The women and girls had cute hairdoos and outfits with the addition of huge tatoos.  Interesting look.  This one particular model did not have large tatoos but I thought she was very authentic looking.  Quite frankly I was too frightened to ask the ones with large tatoos if I could photograph them.


truck with patina


There were loads of antique cars, some motorcycles, old bicycles, the scooters that I learned people used to ride around on, vendors, an auction, food, music…..  I was drawn to the trucks.  Love the trucks especially ones with patina.  You can’t get that effect if you tried.  Gorgeous!


green tinted windows



Several of the cars had tinted windows.  Now I’m pretty sure this is not a “vintage” thing but they were cool looking.  This one had green tinted windows to match the car.  We also saw red and blue tinted windows.

station wagon



A Station Wagon?  How cool.  This brought back a lot of memories.  So you see, I was having a great time at the torqufest with my husband!


hood ornament


This was awesome.  I was surprised that there weren’t many fance hood ornaments.  But this one caught my eye as being the best!  Maybe I missed the fact that there were more to look at just because there was soooo much to see!


pin stripping


Is it pin-stripping or pin-striping.  This was awesome too.  I thought this one was the best so here it is!  pretty awesome right?




I got a kick out of this one not as it relates to the cars but as it related to my body these days.  Isn’t this great.  I want this on my car!  Honk if anything falls off.  Gotta love it!


quilts in car


And guess what I found?  Quilts, at a car show, go figure!  We saw this at the end of the show.  I think of it as a blessing for being so cooperative with this trip.  I love these old beat up quilts.  They made my day!  All in all I’d rate this a top of the line experience.




AND CHECK THIS OUT!  A Quilt show the following weekend!  THIS weekend!



 Think Dave will go with me? Of course he would…..if I asked!


31 days of devastation – I don’t think so!


And congrats Amy & Gene wherever you are.  I’m sure your wedding at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds facility was wonderful! Great facility!














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