Holidays in Galena 2016: Luminaries & A Christmas Carol

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Luminaria lighting snowy sidewalk at night

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Galena’s holiday season kicks off with “A Christmas Carol” performed as a live radio play. Travel back across the decades to WWII, and imagine sitting in front of the family radio as you listen to Dickens’ beloved tale of Scrooge and his encounters with the spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future that teach him the true meaning of the season. The Galena Center for the Arts performance will transport you to that 1940’s live radio broadcast, complete with commercials, musical accompaniment, and live sound effects creating chains clanging, and winds whistling.

“A Christmas Carol” Live Radio Play adapted by Joe Landry and Kevin Connors
Galena Center for the Arts
219 Summit Street Galena, IL 61036
Dates: November 10, 11, 12, 2016  at 7:00 pm
November 12 , 13, 2016 at 2 pm
Tickets: $15 per person, $8 children ages 8 and younger
Purchase tickets online. Seating is limited.
For more information, e-mail

A magical holiday spell falls over Galena December 10, 2016, when store windows along the 19th century Main Street come alive with holiday themes. To add to the romance, there’s a Wedding in a Window and you’re invited to the ceremony when Carolyn Wettstone and Terry Swails exchange vows in the window of Vignette’s. Then, as dusk falls, 5,000 candlelit luminaries will begin to cast their glow over Galena, inviting one and all to stroll the candlelit streets and sidewalks, or enjoy their warm flickers during a romantic carriage ride. Stores along the Hellavu Half Mile will be open for holiday shopping, and there’s no better way to end the evening than dining by candlelight at one of its many restaurants. Here’s a look back to the past to see what’s in store for you this December.

Living Windows and Night of the Luminaria
December 10, 2016
Wedding in a Window:   3 – 4 pm at Vignette’s 105 N. Main Street, Galena IL
Living Windows:              4 – 6 pm
Night of the Luminaria:  6 – 9 pm
Lantern launch:                6:30 pm

Galena’s holiday events will take you back a century or two, and what better way to enjoy the nostalgia of Christmas past then staying at Bernadine’s Stillman Inn this holiday season? Give us a call, and let us surround you with the warmth of both Christmas past and Christmas present.

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