Looks Who Is Getting Married in Galena Illinois

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Look Who Is Getting Married Here at the Galena Wedding Chapel!

2015 Wedding


To our First Spring 2015 Outdoor Wedding!

What a delight to work with our excited couples.  From beginning to end we have a great time!  This ceremony was held next to our multi-level water feature.  We would show the water feature but she was irresistible!  Look at that smile!

married 05-15

And Congratulations

To our first Spring Indoor Wedding!

They enjoyed the warmth of the inside of our beautiful and historic Wedding Chapel.  This picture was taken during the candle lighting portion of the ceremony.

married 06-15 4

Just last week we had the privilege of holding the Wedding Ceremony for this lovely couple.  It was just the two of them, outdoors, with us!  Sweet as could be.  What a pleasure to serve them!

married 06-15 double

And last week – our first DOUBLE WEDDING!

The brides were Best Friends and both of their fellas work together.  It was absolutely delightful and we hope we can experience a double wedding again some time!

However, it was a bit confusing for Dave to keep the names straight but guess what…it worked and they are married!

Way to go Dave!


We can’t wait!

Josh n Joy married 07-18

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