Seedlings and Soap

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Well, we have some seedlings started for the gardens and who can garden without a soap holder at the faucet?

Things slow down a little in the winter which gave me time to whip up some soap holders for the faucets at the Stillman Inn. Hopefully this will help when I’m gardening and someone walks up for a tour. I’ll be able to shake your hand with clean hands!

I know, these beautiful bags will get dirty, but it’s just extra yarn laying around and it was awful quick to make. I put in a bar of melt and pour soap from our gift shop. I think this will work nicely.

So, consider staying this Spring, Summer and Fall to monitor the gardens and help keep me focused!

Blog Special: mention “Seedlings and Soap” and receive a complimentary bar of melt and pour soap made by the lily white hands of Bernadine!

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