There is a lot to do in Galena involving Art – You’re going to love it

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cottage tea cozy 4“Artist” or “Crafter”

This is an interesting question.  I default to calling myself a Crafter (until recently that is) because I’ve always held Artists in great high esteem.  You know, those people who can pic up a pencil and draw something spectacular, anything, without much thought.  Or who can pick up a lump of clay and turn it into something beautiful and remarkably accurate to form.  Now those are “Artists”.   Certainly they are “Gifted” artists.  Seems to come easy to them.

Knitting: I consider this to be an “Art” now for me.  It wasn’t an art when I was simply following a pattern but now I am into making my own patterns and with the addition of the shrinky dink man with an umbrella charm I feel I am a full fledged knitting “artist”!  That and I spin too!

There is a subtle inference that being a “crafter” is somehow less than being an “artist”. I’ve been calling my studio my “craft room” until I heard myself say it to my granddaughters who love to go into the “studio”.  I don’t want them to see themselves as “crafters” but as “artists” so now we call it the “Art room”! They are 3 and 5 and they are artists!

I have learned with my recent journey into the world of mixed media art journaling that I am an “artist” and you are too.  We each have something in us that no one else can do.  The fact that my flowers look more like a rock means nothing – it’s simply “my” style!  I have come to appreciate my rocks/flowers, even though I continue to try to draw them better.  It’s all a part of the process!  Not being satisfied with being anything less than Georgia OKeefe as an Artist has kept me from fully realizing who I am as an artist!  Had to let that go!

Becca bag and card

Here is a project I just did for my daughters birthday.  It’s an outpouring from what I’ve learned in doing mixed media art journaling over the past year. I LOVE YOUTUBE!  I will do a blog on more of this type of thing in the near future.  If you stay with us be sure to mention your love of Art and I’ll show you around my art studio!

Now I will focus on what Galena has to offer in the way of Art.

In October we celebrate the largest art fair, Country Fair Weekend, that I have ever been to.  It is a “juried” art show so everyone there has been chosen because they are considered to be “true” artists.  You are sure to find a large variety of high quality art work.  It is always the second weekend in October.  The town fills up to overflowing so if you can make it be sure to reserve a room as soon as possible!

And there are a variety of “Art” stores in town.

ink & stamp









Ink and Stamp with Sue:  An excellent selection in a large variety of art supplies for the artist in you.  We are so lucky to have her here in Galena!  Rubber Stamps, Paints, Art Books…it’s a “must see”.










Mangelsen: – You know, the stunning nature photos to include the fish jumping into the bears mouth.  It’s at the entrance to downtown.  Great place to visit

Artists Annex









Artists Annex: This is a wonderful pottery studio.  My husband and daughter took a pottery class there with Charlie and loved it.  At one point you could make your own plate and take a cooking lesson and eat off of your very own plate.  He is one of many potters who put together a pottery tour each year.  Well worth the journey!


Milagro Studios









The Milagro Studio:  Jewelry making is definitely an art and here you can have whatever you want made.  My sister received a special gift from here and just loves it.


Carl Johnson










Carl Johnson:  The man who refuses to retire!  Fascinating artist offering all kinds of beautiful artwork from local architecture.  We have his “Stillman Inn” art hanging in the inn.  A friend had bought it and we talked him into handing it over!  It was commissioned by a couple who was getting married at the Stillman but then did not want it.  Glad we have it.  Stop by and see him soon before he really closes! (“Don’t do it”!)


Hello Galena

Hello Galena:  A lovely collection of local artists work.  One street down from Main Street!

Phat quarters







Phat 1/4’s: Yes, quilting is an art.  Go to a large quilt show and you will see spectacular quilts  I believe Japan leads in the area of detail work.  Wow, spectacular.


Fiber Wild









Fiber Wild:  A great variety of quality fibers to knit or crochet with.  Some finished items to buy and lots of kits! Great book selection as well.


art gallery









ART: A fun and exciting store to see some great painted canvas art.  Love the balloons outside the door.

There is a new pottery store across the street from ART and down the road a few blocks is “Clayworks”.

My biggest fear is leaving something special out of my Blog.  And in fact I can think of a couple of other art stores that I don’t have pictures for here.  I think I will do a “Part II”!  Keep an eye out for it!

If Architecture can be considered an “Art”, and I think it certainly can be, you will be delighted at the type of architecture we have here in Galena.  Downtown is exquisite and the entire town is filled with mid 1800 homes to enjoy as you walk around.

Hope you can stay with us on your next visit to Galena to explore the arts!

Bernadine & Dave Anderson

Bernadine’s Stillman Inn

“It’s Been A Pleasure!”

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