What Happens When I Leave For The Paducah Quilt Show

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This is what happens when I leave for the Paducah Quilt Show


Dave Waiting


This is my darling Dave, voted “Best Innkeeper in the Midwest“, owner/opeator of Bernadine’s Stillman Inn.  This is what he does when I leave to go away for a few days.  How cute is he.  He sat by my car out in the driveway and said “I’ll see you right here when you get back”!


Stalker: NO

Wonderful Husband: YES


Not only is Dave an excellent innkeeper providing the guests with the greatest concierege service in the world but he is also a wonderful husband, father, friend…you name it.  No one tries harder than Dave.


When we started dating he would drop in on me at work and just sit in a chair by my desk for a few moments just to “check in”.  What a honey!  


Anyway, I was able to go on a five day trip with my friends to Paducah Kentucky for their annual quilt show.  Oh my gosh, this show is wonderful, big, tiring, exhausting, exilerating.  We had a blast.  It was six of us girlfriends and you can imagine the laughter!  We learnd so much about quilting and about each other, what fun.  


Unfortunately we won’t be going back to Paducah next year.  We’ve decided to try another quilt show.  We’ve been going to Paducah show for about 6 years now.  Maybe 5.  It’s an 8 hour drive for us.  We noticed the Quilt Show in Grand Rapids Michigan.  That would be a 5 hour drive so I believe next year we will be heading there.  One problem: It is in August and that is one of our busiest months here at the Inn.  I got it…I’ll fly Dave’s brother Tim in to help him!  BAM


Enjoy the pics!



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