What’s Being Renovated in 2016 at Bernadine’s Stillman Inn

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Exciting Renovations taking place now at Bernadine’s Stillman Inn 

for 2016

7 bathroomThe Honeymoon Suite has an updated bathroom with new, very cool, shower stall.  This is a panoramic image so you can see the most but it does make the bathroom look bigger than it is, just so you know!  The shower doors are glass and curved!  The new vanity is gorgeous and works well with the new vanity cabinet Christian built for this space last year.

The Romance Room is being renovated as I type.  It used to be a dark merlot color.  Because we are getting such a huge and positive response to the color of the new “Penthouse Suite” we are going with that color in the romance room as well.

This is a step away from our traditional 1858 civil war style decoarting into a more refreshing “spa like” feel.  These two rooms are separate form the rest of the mansion which, for now we are leaving in the Victorian style.  We will be polling our guests this year to see if we should move forward in updating the rest of the inn to this new fresh color.

penthouse bath 4

This is the Penthouse Suite bathroom – new in 2015.  This is the color we are using in the Romance Room.


Up Next: A Massage Room!  This is an exciting addition for the Inn.  Guests have enjoyed massages here in their rooms over the years which has been great – but – having a separate room for our our massage therapists will bring more options and a more complete experience to serve you best!

breakfast quiche

New Breakfast Menu Items

We are reviewing our breakfast menu selections to keep things fresh but it’s hard to replace the long time favorites: Love Cakes, Ham and Cheese Omlettes, Veggie Quiche and the most favorite Banana Bread that my Mom makes.  It is lightly griddled with pinwheel bananas down the center, covered with chopped nuts and Caramel Syrup!  Oops, don’t forget the dollop of whipped cream!  Yummy!

We are proud to offer our guests a flexible breakfast time schedule allowing you to sleep in if you feel like it!  For more details talk to Dave!  815 777-0557

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