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About Us

Dave & Bernadine“It is our chosen profession to be Innkeepers and to serve our guests the most memorable vacation they could imagine!”

Our motto has always been “Enter as Strangers and Leave as Friends” and we mean that. Dave is especially gifted in the area of hospitality, and we sincerely enjoy meeting and entertaining our guests. We especially enjoy the thrill it gives when a guest returns or refers a friend.   A special Thank You to everyone who has blessed us with that! Dave always says “If we didn’t own this Mansion we would have never met you!”

We have owned and operated Bernadine’s Stillman Inn since May of 2000 and have welcomed 29,000 plus guests through the front door. Prior to that we lived in the upper East corner of Illinois where Dave owned and operated his remodeling business “Handy Dave” for 26 years. He mostly served the Lake Forest, IL area.

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While making retirement plans, we decided we would sell our remodeling business in ten years and move to Galena to run a bed and breakfast. This would fulfill Dave’s love of having people around to get to know all the time!

Two weeks later, while we were on one of our regular trips to Galena, we ran into a friend who suggested we take a look at the Stillman Inn. Well, we could hardly keep our mouths shut when we saw how beautiful the place was. It needed exactly the kind of work we did, so we made an offer. A few weeks later we moved and became the proud owners of a 5,000-square-foot mansion.

We’ve enjoyed our lives here and working in the bed and breakfast industry. We’ve been able to be around our kids and now our grandkids as much as we like, and that’s a good thing!

We thank you in advance for checking us out and promise you we will do everything possible to make sure your stay with us a most memorable one!

“Thanks so much for making our stay at the Stillman Inn truly wonderful! It was nice being a part of your family this weekend and you part of ours. You’ve certainly made the Stillman Inn a very inviting place to stay and we’ll definitely recommend it to our friends. Thanks again for everything.”
– Lori & Devin Iowa City, IA