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Wedding Reviews

Dear Dave and Bernadine,

It’s hard to express in this letter all of the things we would like to say. It’s hard to put into words how thankful we are to both of you and your whole team, children included! You are all such wonderful people. We were so fortunate to have made friends with you and to have you working with us as a team to create our wedding. It was perfect. As you know you can’t trust just anyone when it comes to organizing something as important as your wedding. Although we really appreciate all your advice, ideas, flexibility and patience, what we appreciate most was your friendship and thoughtfulness. You helped us create the wedding we wanted to have. It was a very special day. For that you will always be in our thoughts. Since the wedding all of our attending friends and family have commented on how wonderful and intimate our wedding really was. They all loved the ambiance and coziness of the Stillman Inn, both indoors and outdoors. They have all commented on how friendly the staff was including you both. They remember you as much as we do! Our wedding pictures came out fantastic! People have told us that we have some of the best wedding pictures they have ever seen. Your location provided so many interesting and colorful places to take pictures. And although we have to give lots of credit to our photographer, the ambiance and décor of the Stillman Inn as well as your cooperation had a lot to do with that. We don’t think we could have taken pictures as good as ours anywhere else. As time goes on we will look at those pictures, and we will be reminded of how wonderful our wedding was. We will remember that our wedding was perfect because we had so many wonderful people helping us to make it so. So thank you! Thank you for everything.
We wish you all the very best always.

Joe & Robin
PS. Married life is great! And guess what? We’re pregnant!

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